Hannah van Rossum

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2 years 9 months

Before starting at ecoACTIVE I worked as an English teacher and a special needs TA in different primary and adult educational settings. My passion had always been to help children learn about the beauty of our environment and how to protect it, so I set up a school eco club, which I loved running.  Wanting to deepen my knowledge on environmental education, I worked at the Green Cross International in Geneva, as part of their education programme team. I started volunteering at ecoACTIVE when I returned to London five years ago. I feel blessed to now be the manager of the LBH project, delivering creative eco workshops to Hackney Schools and Community groups.  

My favourite nature fact: each autumn, millions of monarch butterflies leave their summer breeding grounds in northeastern USA and Canada and travel some 3,000 miles south to Mexico to escape the cold of winter - a migration that’s one of the greatest natural events on Earth.

Project Manager